Updating furnace filter

Condensing appliances extract additional BTUs from the water vapor in the flue gas.

When the flue gas drops below its dew point of approximately 135 degrees Fahrenheit, it starts to condense and the resulting liquid is acidic and requires treatment to avoid damage to piping systems, sewerage systems, treatment facilities, septic systems and other items it may come in contact with.

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He was on time and professional and had the part we needed replaced with him.

He was on time and went above and beyond the furnace check and checked the humidifier as well.

But, the twice-a year checkups and updates around your home don’t have to stop there. on Sunday, November 1, here’s a list of things to do in addition to setting your clocks back one hour.

These tasks should help you get ready for the seasons ahead: Finally, this is a great time to review and, if needed, update your homeowners insurance policy.

The actual p H will vary according to the actual chemical makeup of the fuel that is being burned.

Condensate contains different types of acids that are corrosive to many materials.

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