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Mike Mc Manus has outlined three ways to cut the divorce rate in half and raise the marriage rate in an article he has written for the Family in America Quarterly published in September 2011. December 14, 2016 Column #1,842 How to Avoid "Divorce Month" Nov 9, 2016 Column 1837 Stop Subsidizing Cohabitation November 23, 2016 Column #1,839 Divorce Rate: Falling Or Rising? October 9, 2014 Column #1,728 How To Fight Supreme Court's Backing of Same-Sex Marriage September 17, 2014 Column #1,725 Obamacares Abortion on Demand Bad for marriage. September 11, 2014 Column #1,724 The Not Very United Methodist Church Why abandon traditional marriage?

Our tailored business solutions are capable of mining through billions of public records to help you locate the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Some examples of what we have helped clients to process today include: Hank and I parted ways in January 1982. In May 2009 we moved to Montana and bought a ranch.

Sept 1, 2016 Column 1727 Attend Marriage Encounter to Build a Lasting Marriage August 10, 2016 Column #1,824 Children Are Hurt by Marriage Failure June 30, 2016 Column #1,818 How To Build a Great Marriage June 1, 2016 Column #1,814 Dangers of Online Dating May 5, 2016 Column #1,810 Marriage Matters - To Everyone March 31, 2016 Column #1,805 Maryland Toughens Drunk Driving Laws March 24, 2016 Column #1,804 Government vs. Wade of Marriage January 22, 2015 Column #1,743 Will The Supreme Court Legalize Same-Sex Marriage? August 28, 2014 Column #1,722 Vatican Hides Predator Archbishop We must protect our children.

Little Sisters of the Poor March 3, 2016 Column #1,801 Abortion Case in Supreme Court July 23, 2015 Column #1,769 How a Marriage Champion Can Win the Presidency August 19, 2015 Column #1,773 Let's Restore Traditional Marriage June 11, 2015 Column #1,763 Chastity: Preparation for a Lasting Marriage May 7, 2015 Column #1,758 Needed: More Chastity & More Marriage April 8, 2015 Column #1,754 Pediatricians Warn Against Cohabitation. Aug 7, 2014 Column #1,719 Hope for Traditional Marriage It has worked since creation.

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From age eight he starred alongside his family in the radio and television series The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

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  1. Both accomplished, independent leading players in their own right, Gosling and Stone nonetheless bring an invaluably entwined history to “La La Land”: It’s their third on-screen collaboration, following 2010’s winning romantic comedy “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” and 2013’s plasticized underworld romp “Gangster Squad.” Even the latter, stiffer film proved the tinderbox energy between them; in both, Gosling’s laconic cool and Stone’s spacier sweetness complement each other.